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Summer 2024 & 25

summer 2021 - 2025
During Summer 2021 we changed tack a little due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. We decided not to book holiday accommodation, but instead provided a holiday voucher that could be redeemed against the cost of UK based holiday accommodation at top UK holiday parks. This voucher was donated to the Childhood Tumour Trust charity who selected a suitable family to receive this donation. Again for Summer 2022 and Summer 2023 we have donated two vouchers totalling just over £1000 to the Childhood Tumour Trust to be redeemed against UK holidays supplied by

we will be repeating this for summer 2024 and 2025

Summer 2020
Sadly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to offer our holidays in 2020.
Summers 2017 - 2019
Between the Summers of 2017 and 2019 Prizes for Good Causes provided free holidays for eight families who had either been recommended to us by Social Services or Childrens Disability Charities. The 1st holiday was located at the wonderful Rockley Sands, Dorset, and the remaining six holidays were located at a fully disabled access chalet in Cleethorpes on the beautiful Lincolnshire coastline. This is what two of the families had to say.

My entire family has had a very tough year emotionally, and also medically for myself (I'm disabled with complicated medical issues) and my daughter (who is also disabled). We have weathered the storm and things are not sorted yet, but having this holiday to look forward to feels like the light at the end of the tunnel. We can't wait, and cannot put into words how grateful we are and how much this means to us. It is lovely for all of us to have something to look forward to. Many thanks to all your team at Prizes for Good Causes for making this happen" Mrs. Higginbottom.



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